Hands down Madrid has an amazing Nightlife, but discotecas are not the only thing that the city offers. The metropolis has a bar for every 132 inhabitants, so don’t worry about finding a bar right for you. Here we have outlined the bars we think have the coolest atmospheres, character, and novelties that shouldn’t be missed.

El Chapandaz

Meet & Party Bar CrawlEl Chapandaz is Madrid’s cave bar. Stalagmites and stalactites hang from the ceiling and climb from the floor and they take the atmosphere to a whole new level. Located in the university sector of Moncloa, it is famous for both locals and internationals alike. When you visit El Chapandaz make sure to taste their homemade “Leche de Pantera,” a drink made of milk, rum, and their secret ingredient. What’s even cooler is that it comes out of the ceiling and if you are in a group you can share a huge gauntlet that takes your experience above and beyond awesome. The Meet & Party Pubcrawl team organizes several tours where you can get to know cool new places such as El Chapandaz while meeting people from all around the world.


Círculo de Bellas Artes

There are many rooftop bars in Madrid, but none quite compare to this beauty. With an almost 360 degree view of the city, there is no better place to hang out and enjoy the views. This rooftop terrace is special because it has great lounge areas so that you can enjoy the view and relax with as many rounds of drinks as your heart desires.




Loving Madrid, but missing the beach? Fear not because Ojalá is there to give you the best feeling of the beach; rubbing your toes in the sand. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city to descend in the basement of a normal-seeming bar. You will find yourself in a little man-made beach oasis in the middle of the city! The floor is completely covered in sand! It’s the perfect place to come with your friends, kick off your shoes after a long day, and enjoy a refreshing cocktail.


Sala Equis

Sala Equis is a fantastic example of what happens when you put a bar and cinema together. A white screen hangs from the ceiling where scenes from old black and white movies are projected silently. If you want to see a whole film this quirky bar has weekly schedules of film screenings which make an amazing date or an alternative to going to the normal cinema. Another great feature that makes Sala Equis special, is the vegetarian-friendly and street style tapas they offer. With chair swings hanging from the ceiling, great food, and an old movie playing in the background, this place is a must.



1862 Dry Bar

Have you ever wondered what a Moscow Mule tasted like when it was first invented? Well at this bar you can find out, and so much more. This bar prides itself on upholding the original recipes of famous cocktails. It also has a very nice prohibition-era vibe. It’s a great little place to sit back, relax, and enjoy cocktails the way they were created.




Fontana de Oro

This bar takes its name from what used to be a famous inn and cafe back in the old days. It even still has two plaques to commemorate the establishments. This place not only has a lot of history but a lot of alcohol that lines its walls. Still giving off that old rustic feel, this place is a great bar to grab a drink with friends.




Cafe de la Luz

Picture the coziest living room you can and Cafe de la Luz just might appear in your mind. Well loved floral armchairs, leather couches, and cute little nooks are what you will find when you come to this cafe. Along with incredibly nice staff, this is the perfect place to bring a book or catch up with an old friend.




El Jardín Secreto

El Jardín Secreto is actually a pretty well-kept secret because it is hard to stumble upon if you don’t know where you are going. Located in the last two floors of Salvador Bachiller, this is a hidden oasis in the midst of the Madrid chaos. With cozy booths inside and a romantic outside terrace, this bar is a necessity to visit.





La Ciudad Invisible

Going on a trip in the future? This library and cafe is the perfect place to go and hammer out all the details. With free WiFi, computers to use, and bookshelves lined with travel guides you will find everything you need to design your ideal trip. You can even snack on tapas from around the world with a refreshing drink to fuel your planning.




El Imperfecto

This place doesn’t promise the perfect drink, but it sure can promise a good time. The drinks are delicious and the decorations offer hours of open-mouthed staring, and you still probably wouldn’t see everything. The walls are covered with toys, posters, and more. A really great little place with a big character.  



Hope that this guide added a few bars to your list to hit up while you are here in Madrid.



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Can’t wait to try out these bars! The writeup is so descriptive a person can’t help but want to go. There is something for everyone!!! Thanks Taylor!

Mary Winkler
July 21, 2019 9:02 pm

Great recommendations. Will see if I can do them all during my study abroad.


Really good recommendations, I have been to Bellas Artes, The secret Garden and Ojála. I loved Ojála so much!


The International Pubcrawl is always a good idea to get around the city, meet new people and try from time to time some different bars.


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