One of the biggest and most important questions to ask yourself before you go out is where you are going to go for pre-drinks. You want somewhere cool, close to the center, but not something that costs an arm and leg. Well, we have done our research and we have a few places you should check out!

El Tigre

This bar is not only great for the cheap drink prices but also for ginormous size tapas that come along with them. It is a fantastic place to carb load before your night out. Of course, it is not the most high-quality food, mostly bread, fried croquetas, patas bravas, and ham, but if you are hungry and getting a drink anyways, it’s a great deal! Also, it tends to fill up after 9:00 pm, but the good news is that they have 2 locations on the same street so you can also try the other one.


100 Montaditos

It might seem a little odd, but actually, 100 Montaditos has very reasonable prices for both beer, tinto, and copas. On the bright side, you can also get a whole assortment of cheap tapas that you can choose from to snack on while you are pre-gaming! Especially if you’re going out on a Sunday or Wednesday they have a deal called “Euro Mania,” where everything on the menu is 1€! That said they are cheap so do not expect Michelin Star quality but they are not bad to munch on before you go out!

+K Copas

+K Copas is a cheap place to grab some tapas and really cheap drinks. They have the average dishes that you can order to get some carbs in before the night out, such as bocadillos, tostadas, patatas, and raciones, but the real deal comes in with the copas (mixed drinks). A glass of red or white wine only costs 1€. A big Tinto de Verano cost 2€, and a copa with say rum or gin only costs 4€ to 6€ depending on the brand. It’s a really great deal.


La Blanca Paloma

Another great bar like El Tigre where you can get your money’s worth of tapas for your beer’s worth is La Blanca Paloma. They have great deals like you can get a bottle of liquor and six sodas for 30€. A great pre-game price for 6 people or more! Plus they have good sized portion tapas that come with your drinks!


Want a super cheap place to get shots? At this place, the shots only cost 1€!!! And they have super great variety, mixes, and cool names! Plus the copas only cost 4€. It is a pretty small place so if you are going with a large group you might not fit. Another great deal is that if you order a drink you get a free shot with it! Would definitely recommend this place!


Espit Chupitos

If you didn’t know, a shot in Spanish is called a “chupito” and this bar has over 600 chupitos for you to choose from!! This is not the best bar to carb load at, but it will make your sweet tooth happy. All your shots are accompanied by delicious candy! If you have any questions or doubts about which shot is best for you the staff are super helpful and friendly!


La Lujuria De Los 80

Translated this bar means “Lust of the 80s,” so if you love a more traditional or 80s-style theme then this is definitely the place you should go pre-gaming. They also have a great drink deal for copas that’s 3 for 20€. A nice place to go with some friends, enjoy some classic music and get ready for an amazing night out!


Macera Taller Bar

This bar is a great choice for any day of the week but super recommendable for pre-gaming as well! What is cool about this place is that they take a modern twist on classic drinks. The cocktail menu starts with a list of classics and original mixes, then you can personalize each with your choice of flavor infusion. No matter what your choice, the price stays the same at 7€! A great deal to get your own personalized, made-with-care cocktail!



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Espit Chupitos at Sol is very cool as well. They have hundreds of shots!


Thanks for those adresses! I would also recommend the Petisqueira next to Tribunal before the Barcelo’s party on Wednesday!!!!


Really nice places, especially Espit Chupitos!


Cherokee Bar is one of my Fav. Not expensive and well located always with good atmosphere.


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