No Guts, No Glory! Join Madrid’s top Beer Pong Event!

Beer Pong MadridEvery Tuesday, we take a slice of American College life and bring it to Madrid for our famous Beer Pong Tournament Party at College Nights. There’s no such thing as Karaoke in Madrid hater, that’s why Nomad Club, where the whole party is held, never stays empty!

For those of you that don’t know what Beer Pong in Madrid is, here’s a quick explanation: each team of 2 players will have 6 cups of beer in front of them on our custom Beer Pong tables and the objective is to throw the ping pong ball into the opponent’s cups – the first team to clear the table wins!

Our Beer Pong Tournament consists of 32 teams, each vying for a place on our Wall of Fame and hoping to win one of our amazing prizes. First place in the tournament walks home with a huge jackpot of 150€, second place will win a bottle of alcohol (Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Rum, …) and third place, a bottle of Champagne! The fee to enter the Beer Pong in Madrid is 6€ per team and each week we have teams from all over the world representing their countries. The games become very competitive, so, in order to officiate the tournament, we have our College Nights referees to make sure the best team wins. Those, who sadly had to leave the tournament earlier we have something to cheer up – it’s Karaoke in Madrid! Sing best hits with a bunch of international people and forget your misfortune until next weeks’ game!

Be sure to come down next Tuesday to test your skills against our current Beer Pong in Madrid Champions and take your place on the College Nights’ Wall of Fame!


Sign-up for the Guest List here!

Get on the guest list here to take advantage of the free entry and open bar of beer and sangria for only 10€!


– Jay

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Marius Helmer
July 21, 2019 9:57 pm

Looking forward to those Beer Pong nights. I am regular Beer Pong player in Cologne, Germany.


Good referees, amazing money prize!

Halee Mccgregor
July 22, 2019 3:23 pm

SO cool! Once me and my friends almost won 100 euros! Great event


We love the Beerpong Tournament. Not always victory, but still the best team, jaja


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