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Bling Bling Madrid

Calle Génova 28


Tuesday to Saturday


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Ultimate Club Guide - Bling Bling Madrid

Description Bling Bling Madrid

Bling Bling Madrid is a luxurious club with a prime location right at Plaza de Colón. It is one of the poshest and most vibrant areas in the city. Surrounded by top restaurants such as Pointer, Hard Rock, Habanera and Peyote San, Bling Bling is the first choice for Madrid’s upper class to continue their night after dinner at those places. The club has two floors and three rooms. Each of them has their own bar, music system and VIP areas. The interior and decoration is sophisticated and provides you with an elegant nightlife experience. The music is a mix of House, Reggaeton and Commercial Music which makes it fun for everyone.


Guest List Bling Bling Madrid

Bling Bling Madrid works with a guest list. It gives you better deals at the door. The deals and minimum age depend on the night. In general, the minimum age for ladies is 20 years and for gents 20/21 years. Rather than a strict minimum age, it’s under the discretion of the door staff. Make sure you are well dressed with pants and shirt and bring a valid ID which is mandatory to get in.


VIP Tables Bling Bling Madrid

The trademark of Bling Bling Madrid is their VIP tables. They are all located around the dance floor of the main room. The two biggest VIP areas are called Grey Goose and Belvedere. They are located along the lateral sides of the dance floor. Both VIP areas have two rows of tables. They are along the dance floor with one being closer and the other one a bit farther and more private. Prices for those tables are from 250€ to 500€ depending on the night and demand.

Behind and on the sides of the DJ booth there’s the Clicquet VIP area. It’s a decent VIP area with prices ranging from 200€ to 1.000€ for bigger groups. Since tables at Bling Bling Madrid are very demanded they have decided to add a new line of tables on the dance floor in front of the Grey Goose zone. Those tables are 200€ and include a bottle of alcohol, hookah, mix drinks and access for a maximum of 5 people.

Reserve your VIP table as soon as you can to secure the best price and availability.


Door Policy Bling Bling Madrid

Bling Bling Madrid has a strict door policy. Make sure you are well dressed and bring a valid ID. Also, be aware of the minimum age of the night you want to go. The most popular international nights are Tuesdays and Wednesdays with a minimum age of 21 years for ladies and 20/21 years for gents. In those international nights we recommend you to be in line at 23:45 to avoid longer waiting times.

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