Moncloa – Discover the Nightlife in Madrid’s University District

Over the years, this entire neighborhood adapted to the young inhabitants. Now, there are many places to go including various nightlife activities. In this post, you’ll find out about the best places to start and end your night.

May 16, 2020

Moncloa Madrid

Photo by Jorge Gordo on Unsplash

Moncloa is a neighborhood that adapted itself to provide the best services to students. This not only includes services for their education but also leisure activities. Many nightlife activities can be found in bars and clubs. Since they mostly target students, the prices are significantly lower and the vibe reminds of what it is, a college party. Let’s dig into some concrete examples!

1. Where to start your night out in Moncloa?

100 Montaditos

100 Montaditos is a must-go for every student who has lived in Madrid. This place offers 100 different Montaditos and other snacks that generally do not cost you more than 1,50€. It’s undoubtedly a good way to start an even better evening with cheap food and drinks.

Address: 100 Montaditos Moncloa, Calle Fernando el Católico 84, 28015 Madrid


Kcopas is a different cheap option to start your night. Besides offering the basic drinks like beer, wine, and sangria, it stands out because of its food. Here you will not find montaditos or tapas, but you can eat a good slice of pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers. The specialty of Kcopas is their hookahs. They only cost 8€, which is great value for money.

Address: Kcopas Moncloa, Calle Hilarión Eslava 27 BIS, 28015 Madrid

Bajos de Argüelles

The Bajos de Argüelles consists of a variety of bars where a more alternative culture is dominant. This dates back to the counter-cultural movement in the 80s, called “La Movida Madrileña”, that embraced heavy metal and rock music.

The Bajos de Argüelles used to have around 54 bars. Nowadays, there are more or less 10 bars that were converted into small clubs. The beauty of the Bajos de Argüelles is in its diversity in venues and its low prices. You can crawl from bar to bar all night long and listen to different kinds of music in each and every one of them. One thing they all have in common is that you’ll find free entrance everywhere. Drinks start at just over 4€ and shots go for as little as 1€. You’ll definitely have a lot of fun here!

Address: Bajos de Argüelles, Calle Fernando el Católico 61, 28015 Madrid

Tiki Taco

Tiki Taco is a taco bar. They have several locations across Madrid. If you are looking for a snack or a place to stay the night in Moncloa, Tiki Taco would be a good choice. Aside from their delicious tacos starting at 1€, they also have Mexican drinks such as micheladas and margaritas to accompany the tasty Mexican food. The outside terrace is open nearly year-round and it’s the perfect spot to spend a warm summer evening with friends before heading off to go partying!

Address: Tiki Taco, Calle Guzmán el Bueno 69, 28015 Madrid

Hotel Exe Moncloa

The Hotel Exe Moncloa features one of Madrid’s best rooftop terraces. The terrace headlines spectacular views of the Guadarrama mountains. It’s a great place for couples or groups that want to start their night out at a beautiful place with a breathtaking sunset while enjoying tasty drinks. Keep in mind that the terrace is only open during the summer season.

Address: Hotel Exe Moncloa, Calle Arcipreste de Hita 10, 28015 Madrid

El Chapandaz

El Chapandaz is known as Madrid’s cave bar and attracts a crowd of both locals and internationals. Aside from the interior literally feeling like you’re in a cave, El Chapandaz also created their own drink called “Leche de Pantera”. The mix comes out of a stalactite on the ceiling and is poured straight into your glass and subsequently mixed with different types of alcohol and canela. It’s truly a unique experience you don’t want to miss! Check out the dates of the Meet & Party pub crawl as they regularly organize tours in Moncloa.

Address: El Chapandaz, Calle Fernando el Católico 77, 28015 Madrid

2. Where to go clubbing in Moncloa?

Find out which clubs are located in Moncloa and what they have to offer. Here are the hot picks, and believe it or not, one is not for students.

Sala Copernico – Party on a boat

Copernico Madrid features cool decorations, inspired by the sea and the sky. The ceiling lights in the venue are truly impressive and create an incredible visual effect. The furniture is all made of wood, making it feel almost as if you’re on a boat. There is an actual boat steering wheel which is a great spot for some pictures. At Sala Copernico Madrid, you can find both local and international people of all age groups having a great time together.

Address: Sala Copernico, Calle Fernández de los Ríos 67, 28015 Madrid

Mon Madrid – The all-in-one party place

Sala Mon is an allrounder amongst Madrid’s clubs hosting weekly parties as well as regular concerts in which international trap and reggaeton artists perform. On weekends, the venue serves as a nightclub. Sometimes there’s even a concert and a party on the same day. The people that go to Sala Mon Madrid are generally younger, such as university students. It’s advisable to go very early to take advantage of the offers that come with the guest list and to avoid waiting in the queue. From 1:00 am, it’s much harder to get inside.

Address: Sala Mon Madrid, Hilarión Eslava 36, 28015 Madrid

Uñas Chung Lee – Get your nails done while partying

“The most fabulous nails are the ones you paint at three in the morning”, or at least that’s the epitaph of the club. Uñas Chung Lee is a club with many peculiarities. Firstly, the club keeps itself clandestine as it’s hidden behind a facade of a nail salon. When you enter, you will notice that the whole room has an oriental theme. There will be several shows throughout the night and (to stick with the theme) you can even get your nails done inside the club. Beware, you may have to wait a while before it’s your turn.

Address: Uñas Chung Lee, Calle Hilarión Eslava 38, 28015 Madrid

Cats Madrid – Go out with the posh guys

Cats Madrid is a huge night club that targets the posh students. They are hosting a lot of welcome parties for university faculties such as medicine and law. The people who go to Sala Cats are mostly Spanish which is reflected in the music. They are very strict with the dress code and it seems as if everyone looks the same with dark shoes, pants, and shirts. If you usually wear earrings or a hat, you may want to take them off as they are not permitted at Cats Madrid.

Address: Sala Cats, Calle de Julián Romea, 4, 28003 Madrid

3. The perfect plan for a Saturday night in Moncloa

As you could see there are many places to start and end the night in Madrid’s student neighborhood which even gives you the possibility to switch places if you want to. In the next part, I will explain what a perfect night out in Madrid looks like for me.

Start with some tacos and margaritas at Tiki Taco

Let’s start with some tacos in the famous Tiki Taco. There are tacos for 1€, and I personally like to have a beer accompanying my taco. If I am feeling brave, I’ll order a michelada. To settle it all down, I then take a good shot of tequila or a margarita. The place has a nice outside terrace which can be used almost all year round. When the weather doesn’t allow you to sit outside, the inside also is designed beautifully. For me personally, it’s undoubtedly one of my favorite places to start the night.

Continue at Madrid’s most famous cave bar

After dinner, it’s time to get in the mood for a crazy night out. El Chapandaz is a great place for that. The music is nice and the drinks are truly one-of-a-kind. Don’t get me wrong, you can order the usual drinks as well, but their signature drinks are just amazing. One of the most famous ones is “Leche de Pantera”, among others. Personally, I prefer the Jota Jota, but it’s a matter of taste. I highly recommend you go and see for yourself. From El Chapandaz you can easily navigate to all clubs in Moncloa.

Dance the night away at Sala Copernico

Once party-mode has successfully been activated, it’s time to go to a club. My first choice would be Sala Copernico. The crowd consists of mainly university students and the dance floor is nice. If you feel like you want a more private experience, you can ask for a VIP table as well. Don’t forget to take a photo at the famous wooden boat steering wheel.

The best late-night pizzas are in Moncloa

Don’t forget to stop by the pizzerias you’ll find on Calle Fernández de los Ríos at the end of your night. The pizzas are really cheap and I doubt you’ll be able to finish more than two slices.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post about Moncloa. Make sure you check out some of my favorite spots when you are there.

– Emilio

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