Sol – Madrid’s Busiest Neighborhood Day and Night

Sol, the heart of Madrid is more lively than any other place in the city. There’s always something to do, day and night. Read along to get to know the vibes in the barrio as well as the most popular places to check out for yourself.

May 6, 2020

Madrid's Barrios - Sol

Photo by Robert Tjalondo on Unsplash

1. Non-stop nightlife from Monday to Sunday

Sol is the heart of Madrid. It’s the neighborhood that never sleeps. Sol has something for you every hour and every day of the week. In Sol you can find a wide variety of restaurants ranging from local food such as tapas and squid sandwiches to international food such as tacos (don’t miss Tiki Taco), hamburgers, pizzas and more typical fast food chains. As far as bars are concerned, the offer is even greater. At Sol you will find Irish pubs, sports bars (check out QW), cheap local bars, shot bars, (our recommendation is Espit Chupitos) and cocktail bars such as Enbabia.

The variety in parties and clubs is impressive too. Only a few steps away from Sol, you can find Teatro Kapital, this club is famous for its seven floors and massive CO2 cannon. There are also internationally renowned parties such as Fucking Monday, College Nights and Hashtag Friday just to mention the three most popular ones. A great way to discover the barrio that never sleeps is with the Meet & Party pub crawl which takes you to three bars and one club within the same night.

2. Sol has something for every budget

Sol is the perfect place to go out, it has options for all budgets. Furthermore, it’s very well connected with buses, short distance trains called “cercanías” and an extensive metro network. Make sure to check out the timetable because the last metros run around 1:30. From then you need to switch to night buses, taxis or other transportation services such as Uber (get a discount with the Citylife code). If you have a place in the center, you’ll probably be able to simply walk home. Check out the following popular places!

Get some fusion food and mini cocktails at Inclán

Inclán is a theme restaurant based on the famous Galician who shares the same name. When you enter, you can see pages of books all over the place, and some portraits of the writer. It also has an interior garden. The food and its presentation is also a topic to talk about. To start with the menu, it contains what they call evolved tapas, which is a fusion of Spanish food with international cuisine. On the other hand, they have a very particular cocktail bar that steals the show with its creative mini cocktails, lemonades and sangrias. Generally, the prices are affordable and vary depending on the tapas you order. Make a reservation before you go because it’s usually full, especially on weekends.

Watch your favorite sports league live at QW

QW Sportsbar is a Venezuelan bar par excellence. QW stands out with its Creole food. The famous tequeños and arepas are the specialties of the house. Additionally, QW is the perfect place to watch your favorite sports, such as the European Champions League or even NFL matches. Thanks to the good distribution of screens and food options, it’s without a doubt a great meeting point for sports lovers. The prices in general are very attractive and the service is friendly and personal.

Fill your stomach before clubbing at Mercado San Miguel

Another great way to start the night is by enjoying good food whilst socializing at Mercado San Miguel. It’s located next to Plaza Mayor and it’s the perfect place to go to taste a lot of different types of Spanish food such as croquetas, jamon, cheese and of course a great selection of wines. It’s the ideal spot if your friends and family from home are visiting and you want to give them an introduction to the Spanish cuisine. Just keep in mind, Mercado San Miguel is rather high-end, so expect higher prices.

3. Clubbing all night long

There’s absolutely no shortage of choices if you go clubbing at Sol. Read along for some of the most popular places and find out which is your favorite one.

Start your week with Madrid’s best international party

In Madrid, it’s quite common to start the week at Fucking Monday. It’s a party you have never seen before and you will surely miss when you are back home. You’re probably wondering what’s so special about the party and why everyone goes there. The club where the party takes place is impressive itself. It has three floors (commercial music, Latin music and a beer pong floor) and a capacity of around 1.000 people. On the main floor (commercial music), theme parties take place. The atmosphere is just incredible when the beat drops, the confetti flies around, and the CO2 cannon blows in the air. To switch up the vibe a bit, you can enjoy a drink on the Latin floor or try your skills in the beer pong tournament. You can imagine with this much to do, the atmosphere is truly amazing and to put the cherry on top, the prices are unbeatable. For more information, check out Fucking Monday in our party section.

Hit Madrid’s mega club on the weekends

If you live in Madrid, at some point you will hear about Teatro Kapital. It’s the most famous night club in Madrid and just looking at its enormous size (7 floors), this should be no surprise. The main floor is impressive and it’s crazy seeing its famous CO2 cannon bathing the entire dance floor every now and then. Make sure you don’t get stuck on the main floor and visit all the other floors up to the rooftop top terrace as well. As is usually the case with big clubs, the challenge is the door policy and high prices. Therefore, make sure you are well dressed, bring a valid ID, and have the QR code ready for a major discount. For more information and to get the QR discount code, check out Teatro Kapital in our club section.

On Fridays the party is at Icon

Icon is another club in the center of Madrid that rocks, especially on Fridays. To start the weekend a super popular party is hosted for internationals consisting of a mix of commercial music, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, RNB and some EDM tunes. The atmosphere is just amazing with people from all around the world having a great time together. We recommend you to sign-up for the guest list to get a discounted drink, or go fancy with a VIP table. For more information, check out Hashtag Friday at Icon in our party section.

Moondance is always an option

Moondance is the club that never fails! If you are in the center and have no idea where to go, Moondance is always a good option. It’s located in a side street between Sol and Gran Vía, and offers different parties with its own music and audience from Wednesday to Sunday. The nights range from Latin music, such as Bachata and Salsa, to more mainstream commercial music. Furthermore, it’s relatively cheap compared to the mega clubs in the city. For more information, check out Moondance Madrid in our club section.

Party in a former theater

Joy Eslava is one of the oldest clubs in Madrid. They open from Monday to Sunday without a break and the nights are very different from each other in terms of audience and music. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to check what’s going on before you go there. In general, the crowd is a mix of everything that moves around in the city center from locals to tourists. For more information, check out Joy Eslava in our club section.

See the crème de la crème of Techno in Madrid

Mondo Disko hosts Madrid’s most popular Techno parties on Thursdays and Saturdays. The venue  is located at just a 2-minute walk from Puerta del Sol. At Mondo Disko, you will find internationally renowned top DJs like Dubfire, Chris Liebing, Reinier Zonneveld, Joris Voorn and Peggy Gou, just to mention a few of them. The club itself is the perfect venue for Techno music featuring a state-of-the-art sound and lights system that elevates the party to a higher level. For more information, check out Mondo Disko in our club section.

4. How to go out at Sol?

The challenge of going out at Sol is the many options there are out there. But no worries, join the Meet & Party pub crawl which will not only help you to discover Sol at night, but you will also meet a group of cool people from all around the world. The pub crawl is organized so that the venues change every week. Nevertheless, here’s one of the most popular tours to give you an idea of how it works.

The group meets at 22:00 at Planet. You can simply show up without prior registration. You will recognize the organization team by their Meet & Party T-shirts. After a warm welcome from the guide, you will purchase your wristband that includes the entry and drinks at each venue. You have two options. The standard pack of 10€, and a 15€ option that includes one hour of open bar at one of the venues. Planet is a cool place to get started as it’s a bar with commercial music. You can decide between a tequila shot, a beer or a sangria which you can enjoy with the rest of the participants. It’s a great opportunity to get to know new people.

After one hour at Planet we walk over to Nomad where you can have another tequila shot, a beer or a sangria. Nomad is always really fun as we organize Karaoke exclusively for pub crawl participants. Feel free to take the stage, pair up with others, or simply enjoy a drink while watching the extraverts go nuts. The third stop of the night is Star Coyote which many consider the highlight of the tour. It’s an Irish pub in which you will get a shot plus a beer or sangria. If that didn’t quite satisfy your competitive spirit, there’s also a dancing contest where you can win a bottle of champagne. After having had a lot of fun already, the pub crawl moves on to its final location, which is Moondance Club. All pub crawl participants enjoy the benefit of skipping the usually long line at Moondance. Additionally, a welcome shot and drink discounts are also included. The club closes at 6:00 and since this is the last location, you can stay as long as you want partying with your new friends! For more information, check out the Meet & Party pub crawl in our party section.

5. Book a hostel at Puerta del Sol

If you are living a bit outside Madrid, you may have the chance to catch a night bus or power through until  6:00 in the morning when the public transportation runs again. On the other hand, if you are visiting Madrid, it’s probably most convenient to take one of the many hostels in the city center. The hostels often have shared rooms where you have the chance to meet fellow travelers. If you’re coming with a group you can also take an entire room for your team. There are endless amounts of options and Citylife has short-listed some of the hottest hostels for you. So make sure to check it out and save yourself a bunch of time investigating!

– Emilio

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