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Stardust Madrid

Calle Isabel la Católica 6

 Santo Domingo, Plaza de España, Callao



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Description Stardust Madrid

Stardust Madrid is a place you have never experienced before! Since 2003 it’s Madrid’s top underground venue for Techno lovers. The party is inspired by the latest tendencies of the world’s Techno mekka Berlin. The event takes place on Fridays at Sala Cool which is located between Plaza de Santo Domingo and Plaza de España. With its big capacity, three rooms and a top light system Sala Cool is the perfect setting for such an extraordinary party. The atmosphere of the event is very unique and open-minded. You will find all types of people with the same goal of partying until the late hours of the night. Top local as well as international DJ making sure you are up to date with the latest evolutions in the Techno scene. Check out the programming of artists on their Facebook page.

Guest List Stardust Madrid

Stardust Club works with a guest list. Doors open at 12:30 at night and the party goes on until 6:00 in the morning. The guest list offers are 15€ including 2 drinks before 2:00 and 15€ including 1 drink before 3:00. After that the price goes up again. Without a guest list the entry is from 18€. To get on the guestlist, please call or WhatsApp to +34 606 727 578.

VIP Tables Stardust Madrid

Stardust Madrid offers VIP tables in all three rooms. The price is from 100€ and permits you to jump the line. The VIP experience includes a table, a bottle of alcohol, mix drinks and the VIP entry for a maximum of 5 people. For more information and reservation, please call or WhatsApp to +34 606 727 578.

Door Policy Stardust Madrid

Stardust Madrid is a very open-minded place and the dress code is best described as “dress to impress”. In the club you will find all types of outfits you have seen and you have never seen before! Make sure you bring a valid ID and come early to avoid long waiting times.

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