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Teatro Barceló

Teatro Barceló Madrid

Calle Barceló 11


Thursday to Saturday


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Description Teatro Barceló Madrid

Teatro Barceló Madrid (former Pacha Madrid) is one of the most iconic clubs in the city. The former theater was transformed into one of Madrid’s top clubs in 1980 and since then is a hot spot for fancy party goers. The venue has a huge main floor with a balcony called Upper, a Reggaeton floor called Scotch and a fourth floor with mostly Spanish music named El Cielo. On Thursdays they host a student party for the younger crowd around 18 years. On Fridays and Saturdays it is very exclusive and the minimum age is 23 for ladies and 24/25 for gents.


Guest List Teatro Barceló Madrid

Teatro Barceló Madrid works with an open guest list. This means there are no tickets needed and you can simply say you are on “Nico’s List” and they will grant you all the guest list benefits. Alternatively, you can sign-up online and show the confirmation email at the door which will be the same result. On Fridays and Saturdays the deals with “Nico List” are:

  • From 12:00 to 1:30: Entry + 2 drinks = 17€
  • From 1:30 to 3:00: Entry + 1 drink = 22€

Without a guest list the entry is 25€ including 1 drink. So make sure you sign-up before you go or just mention “Nico List” at the door. Teatro Barceló Madrid is super popular on weekends! Therefore we recommend you to arrive around 12:30 before longer lines will form and waiting times will be long.


VIP Tables Teatro Barceló Madrid

Teatro Barceló offers a large number of VIP tables on four floors: Main floor, Upper, Scotch and El Cielo. The most popular floor for VIP tables is by far the main floor. The prices start from 150€ and include a bottle of alcohol, mix drinks and access for a maximum of 5 people. Get in touch with us for a personalized quote for your VIP table.


Door Policy Teatro Barceló Madrid

Teatro Barceló Madrid has a very strict door policy and there are no guarantees to get in. The minimum age on Friday and Saturday is 23 years for ladies and 24/25 years for gents. Make sure you are well dressed, bring valid documentation and come around 12:30 to avoid long waiting times. If you don’t comply with the profile of the club they will give you excuses such as you are not on the list, this list doesn’t exist, the club is full, etc. We recommend you to not discuss with them! Better go to another of the many clubs in Madrid and spend a great night there.

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