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Description Teatro Barceló

Teatro Barceló (former Pacha Madrid) is one of the most iconic clubs of the city. The former theater was transformed into one of Madrid’s top clubs in 1980 and since then is a hot spot for fancy party goers.

Since Teatro Barceló is one of the fanciest venues in Madrid good presence is essential to get in. The party week at Teatro Barceló starts on Wednesday with a mix of an Erasmus party and locals with bottle service whereas most of the visitors are internationals. Get on the guest list and come early to take advantage of the free entry and free open bar of beer and sangria. On Thursdays Teatro Barceló hosts a kind of a student party for the younger crowd around 20 years and on Friday and Saturday it’s very exclusive and the recommended minimum age is 23 for ladies and 25 for gents. Exceptions are made by the door staff and there are no guarantees to get in.

If you don’t comply with the profile of the club they will give you excuses such as you are not on the list, this list doesn’t exist, the club is full etc. We recommend you to not discuss with them and rather go to another of the many venues in Madrid and spend a great night there!

Make sure you are well dressed, bring original documentation (Passport for non EU citizens) and come early around 1:00am to avoid long waiting times.

IMPORTANT: The minimum age on Friday and Saturday is 23 years for ladies and 25 years for gents and the dress code is elegant!

Deals depend on the night and wether you are on a guest list or not. Here’s an overview of the typical covers according to the night:


From 12:00 to 1:00:

  • Free entry + free open bar (beer and sangria)

From 1:00 to 1:30:

  • Ladies: Free entry
  • Gents: Entry + 2 drinks = 15€

After 1:30:

Entry + 1 drink = 15€


From 12:00 to 2:00:

  • Entry + 1 drink = 12€
  • Entry + 2 drinks = 15€

After 2:00:

  • Entry + 1 drink = 15€
  • Entry + 2 drinks = 20€

Friday & Saturday:


  • Entry + 2 drinks = 15€ (Before 1:30)
  • Entry + 2 drinks = 20€ (Before 3:00)


  • Entry + 2 drinks = 20€ (Before 3:00)

Teatro Barceló has great VIP zones on all floors. For more info visit their Facebook page.

Here are our recommendations to prepare for a great night at Teatro Barceló!

  • Sign-up for the guest list
  • Bring a valid ID
  • Make sure you have the minimum age of 23 ladies and 25 gents for Fridays and Saturdays
  • Come early to avoid waiting times
  • Cress code: Elegant

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