Ready for a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience?

Have you ever dreamt of experiencing a European capital city from a completely different perspective? Ever since I began work in Nightlife Madrid, especially closely with the events department, that’s exactly what I’ve been able to do. Becoming a part of Nightlife team, an intern to be more accurate, has taught me more than I could have ever imagined – seeing all the work being done to ensure Erasmus students, English teachers, Au-pairs and any other international person can settle in easily and enjoy their time in Madrid to the fullest.

Nightlife Madrid Team - CJThe work in Nightlife Madrid provides a range of different services and opportunities for young people in the city. An important aspect of this is ensuring these people get to see for themselves how unique, crazy and non-stop the nightlife is. For this, Nightlife Madrid was established to organize, promote and carry-out the best student parties in town. What it has also done, is provide me with one of the most unique, challenging and fun internships possible.

Don’t get me wrong, an internship that revolves mainly around nightlife isn’t for everyone. Some late nights coupled with typical office hours can be challenging at times, but also an absolute blast! I’ve had the opportunity to see the work that’s put into organizing some of the biggest student nights in Madrid and I’ve met some truly amazing people, that’s why this work in Nightlife Madrid made my personal and professional life way richer.


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So if all of the above sounds like something you’d be interested in, I’d certainly recommend you to apply to become a part of the team. You won’t regret it, I certainly don’t!

Don’t forget to send your applications to!


– CJ

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It was a pleasure having you here CJ!


This would seem like a great experience indeed! Nice article, thanks!


The interns are always enjoying and having a good time. Either traveling or at the Nightlife events.


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