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Panda Club

Calle Hernani 75

Nuevos Ministerios

Thursday to Saturday


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Photos Panda Club

Ultimate Club Guide - Panda Club

Description Panda Club

Panda Club is a creative venue based on the attributes of a panda: balance and strength. The space is designed as a sophisticated underground place combining light and street art including the panda theme in as many details of the decoration as possible. The panda bear is named Jack and you can see him during the night wandering around the club and connecting with the party guests. Music-wise they know how to surprise their guests going away from the mainstream sector. From electronic music to Reggaeton you will find all music genres you can imagine. The venue also includes a restaurant called Jack after the mascot of the club. The restaurant is open on clubbing nights from 21:00 to 3:00.

Guest List Panda Club

Panda Club Madrid works with a guestlist which gives you free or reduced entry until a certain time. If you are not on the guestlist the door staff decides whether they let you in or not. To get on the guestlist you need to contact one of their promoters. Make sure you have checked the age requirements before you go. It is 25 years for ladies and gents.

VIP Tables Panda Club

Panda Club has VIP tables located on the lateral sides of the dance floor and next to the DJ booth. On the lateral sides it’s rather calm and next to the DJ booth you can really feel the party. To get a quote and make a reservation you need to contact one of their promoters. The price for a VIP table is around 200€. The earlier you do your reservation the better it is because they often run out of tables.


Door Policy Panda Club

Panda Club Madrid has a super strict door policy. Make sure you are on the guest list, dress to impress and bring a valid ID. The official minimum age is 25 years. Doors open at 12:30 and it is recommended to show up early.

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