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Reserve your VIP table

at Opium Madrid

Opium Madrid is essentially made for VIP tables. Going there without one is a bit like playing football without a ball. The entire club is covered by VIP tables and there is no real dance floor. There are five different VIP zones with a minimum spend from 200€ to 2.000€. It all depends on what you are looking for and your budget. You have the option to be more in the center of the club and connected with the crowd or more private. If privacy is key,  you can have an entire section which is the one the famous football players choose when they make an appearance.

Some VIP areas are quite spacious and the service is excellent. Check out the floor plan at the bottom of this page for VIP zones and prices. Keep in mind that prices are for a maximum of 5 people. If you are more, the minimum spend will go up.

Opium Madrid has an army of image girls that will visit you at your VIP table. Feel free to chat with them and have a good time or if you are not interested, simply let them know and they will go away.


+34 632 773 881 / [email protected]

What are the options for VIP tables?

Green Tables

From 2.000€* for a maximum of 5 people

Purple Tables

From 1.500€* for a maximum of 5 people

Blue Tables

From 1.000€* for a maximum of 5 people

Yellow Tables

From 500€* for a maximum of 5 people

Red Tables

From 200€* for a maximum of 5 people

*Prices are minimum consumptions per table.

How to reserve a VIP table?

There are different ways to reserve a VIP table at Opium Madrid. The most common one is by phone or Whatsapp (+34 632 773 881). You simply get in touch with us with your preferences and we will reserve a table in the preferred VIP zone for you. Alternatively, you can send us an email to [email protected]. Either way, to log down your reservation we need your first name, last name, date of the reservation, in which zone you want the table and how many friends are coming with you.

What does a VIP table include?

A VIP table at Opium Madrid includes a bottle of standard alcohol (Gin, Whisky, Rum, Vodka…), soft drinks and access for 5 people. Premium bottles such as Grey Goose or Belvedere cost around 40€ more.

What to do upon arrival at the club?

VIP tables at Opium Madrid are reserved until 2:30 and then will be sold at the door. A good time to arrive is around 1:00 to 1:30. Upon arrival take the VIP entry and say you have a table reservation under your name. Then they will bring you to a counter where you select the bottles and soft drinks. When done you will be brought to your VIP table. Meanwhile they will prepare your order and bring it directly to your table.

Does a VIP table guarantee entry to the club?

No! The club always has the right to refuse access if you do not comply with the dress code or other requirements of the club. Usually that is not a problem. Just make sure you are well dressed and bring a valid ID.

Floor Plan – Opium Madrid

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