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VIP Tables Madrid

Reserve your VIP table in the city’s best clubs!

Get your VIP table in Madrid

Upgrade your night out with a VIP table in one of Madrid’s top clubs. Before you check out the VIP options for each club, let us give you some information on how it generally works in Madrid.

A standard VIP table comes with a bottle of alcohol (Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Rum, Tequila…), 10 soft drinks and access for a maximum of 5 people. If you are more than 5 people, you will be asked to pay an extra fee for person number 6 and 7 and from 8 people you are mostly required to get a second bottle which doubles the price of the table.


Reserving a VIP table vs. just showing up

Many people ask us if there is a difference between making a reservation or just showing up at the club. Well, there are important advantages if you book a VIPtable in advance which we will explain to you right here.

1. Secure the best price

Clubs in Madrid mostly work with different prices. The price for an upfront reservation is fixed and always the best price. In the night prices rise according to the number of tables sold and time of arrival and some venues even distinguish according to the client profile. You can calculate with a minimum price raise of 20€ per bottle if you show up without reservation.

2. Choose your favorite table

Another great benefit is that in most clubs you can choose the table you like or at least the VIP zone where you want it. The earlier your reserve, the more options you have. Whereas if you just show up you have to deal with the leftovers and worst case tables are sold out.

3. Skip the line

Lastly, it is always a great feeling to skip the line, go to the VIP counter and straight into the club. 

Now, check out the clubs with the best VIP offerings in Madrid and get in touch with us for questions and reservations.


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The best VIP tables in Madrid

Click on the club where you want to reserve your VIP table for more information!

Fucking Monday


From 100€

Teatro Kapital


From 100€

Hashtag Friday


From 80€

Teatro Barceló


From 150€



From 200€

Bling Bling


From 200€

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