5 Easy Steps to Plan your Stag Do in Madrid

Planning a stag do in Madrid doesn’t have to be a difficult task. It’s always nice to have a frame of reference when organizing one though. In this article, some tips will be given to help you organize a stag party in Madrid that the future-groom will never forget.

May 6, 2020

Stag Party Madrid

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Step #1: Make your plans and confirm the date

Unless your friend is getting married in Vegas without any warning, you usually have a reasonable amount of time to organize a stag party. If you’re doing your stag do in Madrid, these are the things you’ll want to do before buying your tickets. First, you’re going to want to get all your plans straight. Make a selection of activities in Madrid that you definitely want to do, and some side activities for when you have extra time at hand. As soon as you have the basics for the trip, you’re going to want to confirm the date with the rest of the squad. It’s really important to do this early on. We all have that friend who’s got his life together at about the same level as a six-year-old that just lost three consecutive games of Monopoly, but he needs to come on the trip though. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the whole group is well-informed early on. It will guarantee the success of this legendary night out.

Step #2: Book flights early

This one kind of speaks for itself. If you book your plane tickets to Madrid early, you’re quite likely to pay less than when you get them last-minute. After buying the tickets, the stag weekend is official and you can start counting down the days. When the day has arrived, getting to the airport shouldn’t be too difficult. You’ll want to communicate with the group about where to meet up, at what time, etc. As everyone who has ever been on a plane will tell you, it’s always best to arrive at the airport early. This way you won’t have to Bruce Willis your way through security, and minimize the risk of accidentally leaving your Kevin at home.

Step #3: Find a place to stay

Finding good accommodation can be tough sometimes. Especially for a larger group of people. However, in Madrid, the city center is quite compact and packed with hotels, hostels, Airbnbs that have rooms/apartments available. The way the center is made up also allows you to walk to most places. If you have a tight schedule and need to get the group around faster, public transport is a fast and reliable alternative. And once again, it’s very likely you’ll save money if you book early. This also ensures you get the best selection of rooms/apartments so you can find one the group will like.

Step #4: Reserve your stag activities

Madrid is a busy city with a wide variety of activities to choose from. Many of these activities require you to make a reservation. This obviously depends on the activity. If you plan on having a fancy dinner, for example, you don’t need to make reservations months beforehand (in most cases). However, it’s never bad to solidify your plans by booking as soon as possible. If all reservations were made before you arrive in Madrid, the rest of the trip will be a breeze. Check out our catalog of stag activities and see if there’s something you like.

Step #5: Get your information beforehand

Every city has its particularities. They’re those things that you wish you knew before coming. A good example of this is the way the clubs are organized in the city. They often work with a guest list which gives you all sorts of privileges. It’s often only a matter of knowing where to sign up for it. Additionally, many clubs work with some sort of dress code. This means that showing up in trainers might prevent you from entering. Luckily, we have a lot of information about this available in our clubs section. This way, your group can enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience that a stag party in Madrid is supposed to be, to its fullest.

Let us take care of your stag do in Madrid

If you need help with organizing your entire stag do or just parts of it, we are happy to work with you! We have the local expertise and network to make your stag party in Madrid a one-in-a-lifetime experience. We are running the most important parties in the city as well as events for the private, corporate and government sector. Get in touch with us with your hen party ideas and we will provide you with a great itinerary tailored to your preferences and budget. Check out our Stag & Hen Do section for more information.

– Tristan

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