Read along to find out more about Teatro Kapital and what it has to offer to you during your stay in Madrid! Teatro Kapital is located in a former theater in Calle Atocha 125 between Retiro Park and Atocha Station, two of the touristic highlights of the city. Kapital is not only known to be Madrid’s biggest night club, but it is also known for its strict door policy and dress code. On the following section, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the giant night club.


Discover the 7 Floors of Teatro Kapital!

Teatro Kapital MadridOne of the most important features of Teatro Kapital is its size! Each one of the 7 floors has a different music style and atmosphere so that everyone can find their happy place. Additionally, the club is built around the main floor of Teatro Kapital, located in the very center of the building. The main music genre on the main floor is House & Dance Music, which is the most commercial type of music played in the club. The main floor is also home to the largest floor featuring VIP areas, bars and dancers on the stage. Then, on the first floor, you will find a coat check on both sides and the second floor of Teatro Kapital, called the “Music Studio,” is basically a Karaoke floor with a little stage where you can show off your singing skills! The third floor is the Hip Hop & RNB Floor which has some nice tables for bottle service. Next, on the fourth floor called “Kissing Room,” you will find a cocktail bar where the floor in general is considered to be quieter and chill. The fifth floor is called “The Party” and here you will find the typical Mainstream Pop Music played in Spain but you can also overlook the main floor and it is one of the best places to take some pictures and make your friends jealous about you having a great time in Madrid’s Teatro Kapital. The sixth floor is called “Mojito & Cuba Libre Area” and it is the perfect floor to have a chat with your friends, enjoy a drink and listen to Latin Music. Last but not least, the seventh and top floor of Teatro Kapital is the only one open during summer time. It has a terrace with seating areas, bars and a hot spot for smokers.


How to Get on the Guest List at Teatro Kapital?

At Teatro Kapital there is no guest list! The club works with a QR Discount Code which is simply an image and by showing it (printed or digital) at the cash point you will get a discounted entry. The best deal with the QR Discount Code is if you arrive before 1:30am as you will pay 17€ cover charge, which will include 2 drink tickets to be used on any floor during the entire night. After 1:30am there are perks with the QR Discount Code, but they are not as good as the deal you can get if you arrive before 1:30am. The prices after 1:30am showing the QR Discount code are as follows: Thursday 16€ including 1 drink; Friday 18€ including 1 drink; and Saturday 19€ including 1 drink. To put this in context, the price without QR Discount Code is 25€ with 1 drink.

We recommend you to save the QR Discount Code on your phone, share it with your friends and show it any time you go to Teatro Kapital. The code doesn’t expire and it works all year round, except for special nights such as Halloween or New Year’s Eve.

Ask for your QR Discount Code here!


Bottle Service – How Does it Work!

Teatro Kapital MadridBottle service starts from 140€ and includes a table, bottle of alcohol (Gin, Vodka, Rim, Whisky, …), mixed drinks and entry. The price will vary accordingly depending on the alcohol brand and the number of people. Here’s a list of the available alcohol brands and prices. If you want to go with a brand that is included in the minimum price you will have to ask upon arrival at the door which brands are included.

The following section is an overview of the most popular VIP zones, minimum prices (with reservation only), and the maximum number of people that can get into the club with the reservation of a bottle. If your party is bigger than the maximum number you will then need to get more bottles to make sure everyone gets in on the reservation. E.g. if you are a group of 12 people and want to have a table on the main floor you will need to get 3 bottles of alcohol.

Lateral side on the main floor (House Music) – From 170€ for a maximum of 4 people
Balcony of the main floor (House Music) – From 140€ for a maximum of 5 people arriving before 1:30am and 4 people arriving after 1:30am
Hip Hop floor – From 140€ for a maximum of 5 people arriving before 1:30am and 4 people arriving after 1:30am

The VIP zones are indicative and can’t be guaranteed! We recommend you to arrive around 12:30am before the majority of people arrive and the door is not too busy in order to be properly attended. To guarantee a high profile in the club there is no pre-payment. Instead you will have to make a reservation and upon arrival the payment has to be done.

To make a reservation, we need your first name, last name, number of people and the floor you’d like to be seated, which will be listed as your preferred choice on your reservation. Please send us the info or questions by email to


Dress Code and Rejections at Teatro Kapital…

Teatro Kapital MadridOne of the most important requirements to enter Teatro Kapital Madrid is the dress code. Officially, the dress code is elegant and this is what we recommend to you as well. For girls, wear the prettiest dress or shirt you have, decent pants and shoes and you will do well on that part. Note to self: the door staff is looking for a decent overall appearance, minimum 18 years old, valid documentation (non-EU residents are supposed to bring their passports) and hairstyle (short on the sides and long hair seems to not be very well regarded). Also, bigger groups of men may have difficulties to get in. Even though you comply with all these points you may get rejected with excuses such as you are not on the guest list, the guest list is full or other bullshit. The earlier you come, the more relaxed the staff at the front door will be and the better the chances are to get in. We recommend to you to be there around 12:30am before most of the people begin to arrive and the staff gets very busy. Also in case you get rejected, the night is still young and you have the chance to go to another club.


Free Entry at Teatro Kapital: Myth or Reality?

A lot of people and even the Facebook page of Teatro Kapital talk about free entry on Thursdays before 1:00am. Officially this is true, but in practice it is quite difficult and not guaranteed. According to the club policy, people are granted free entry on Thursdays before 1:00am by simply mentioning a name on the guest list, e.g. Nightlife Madrid, and matching the elegant profile of the club and the club is not packed. Whether this is the case or not, it is the sole decision of the door staff. Therefore, we recommend to you to never rely on the free entry! Just like previously mentioned, the discounted entry with the QR Discount Code is 17€ including 2 drinks if entering the club before 1:30am while only one “copa” (mix drink) at the bar is 12€. So, if you like copas it is highly recommended to get the offer at the door instead of paying at the bar through the QR Discount Code.


Our recommendations:

  1. Get your QR Discount Code here, save it on your phone and share it with your friends. Remember it does not expire!
  2. Come well dressed and bring valid documentation (non-EU nationals please bring your passport).
  3. Arrive early! On Thursdays, we recommend before opening time around 11:45pm and Fridays and Saturdays around 12:30am. The earlier you arrive the easier it is to get in.
  4. Never expect free entry, you can only get disappointed!
  5. For bottle service send us an email to
  6. Make sure to take a photo of the main floor from the fifth floor and make your friends back home jealous.
  7. Have fun.


– Yannick

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I got a table with you guys. Compared to London it’s super cheap. Will recommend you to my friends that are going to Madrid. Good job!

Federico de amari
July 22, 2019 3:17 pm

Great club! Definitely worth the try!


I went once and i really like it. The only problem is that the place it’s huge so you are always switching around the different floors.


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